Rachelle Logan

Rachelle Logan is the founder and president of R U Ready School of Etiquette and Media Training, LLC., and seen on Fox 45 News, Baltimore, MD, and QC Morning Show in Charlotte, NC, with segments on social distancing etiquette during COVID, cell phone etiquette and how to be a good host during the times of the pandemic. Rachelle recently partnered with The Harrisburg City Council to teach etiquette and media training to the Harrisburg Youth Council in Harrisburg, NC. 


Rachelle is a recognized etiquette expert and media trainer. She was certified to teach Etiquette after graduating from The American School of Protocol and she was certified to teach media training after graduating from the Defense Information School (DINFOS) while in the Navy. Prior to founding her school, she was a Public Affairs Officer in the United States Navy where she retired with 20 years of distinguished military service.  After retiring from the military, she worked as a senior Navy civilian Public Affairs Specialist and retired from the Department of the Navy for a second time. Rachelle received her BA in Mass Communications from JCSU in Charlotte, NC, and a MA in Communications from The University of Oklahoma. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Rachelle has conducted seminars at numerous public and private schools, churches, business organizations, colleges and countless private lessons for persons of all ages.  She has received numerous accolades and recognition from colleges, high schools, children organizations, and churches. She worked closely with governors, mayors and local communities throughout her 30 years with the Navy as she was stationed all over the country.   Rachelle started her business in 2010 and she is still actively teaching. 

Rachelle blends a professional and a unique approach with her topics and presents them in an interactive and entertaining format. Her military training has provided her with the opportunity to be professionally trained to deal with all types of media outlets and media issues. She uses her knowledge of working with reporters for over 25 years to help her teach media training effectively and professionally to students of all backgrounds especially athletes. Rachelle is dedicated to providing her students with the most up-to-date and professional etiquette and media training you will find. She has a passion for sharing her etiquette and media training knowledge with everyone that she comes in contact with.  She has a real knack for finding a way to make her students comfortable and at ease with learning the subject matter.  Her style of teaching helps the students feel comfortable around others and increases their self esteem. 

Rachelle offers a variety of classes and training sessions.  She does etiquette parties, ladies teas, etiquette and media training workshops, life skill classes, media training for athletes, public speaking classes, business etiquette, charm school and organizing cotillions for our youth.  Her focus is to reach the young people and help prepare them for job interviews, making presentations and being a better person.  She has provided etiquette and media training to pastors and ministers, professional athletes, college, high school and younger students and athletes, business owners and many families and one-on-one private classes.  She has seen the drastic results of her students after her classes.  Those skills stay with them for life.  It’s worth the investment!!



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Having good Etiquette and Public Speaking skills are absolute necessities in everyone's professional and personal lives.


In today’s social media world, basic manners and the ability to speak properly are areas that needs to be incorporated back into everyone’s lives. Making sure that you are prepared to communicate properly beyond the media devices is crucial to your professional, personal and social lives. 

R U Ready School prepares you for social events, life skills and public speaking that will enhance and prepare you for public and private, personal and professional relationships. You will benefit from having all of these valuable skills.  These skills will allow you to interview properly (in person), talk professionally on the phone, display great manners at business meetings and during network opportunities.  Knowing how to inform and influence a group of listeners are keys to mastering your professional demeanor.  Rachelle's classes will provide much needed overlooked-life skills to our youth.

Having good etiquette and good speaking abilities is a recipe for success!  R U READY!!!

This company was founded in 2010 as R U Ready Media Training for Athletes and upgraded in 2018 to R U School of Etiquette and Media Training, originally located in Maryland and now based in North Carolina.  R U Ready School of Etiquette and Media Training provides etiquette training, social skills classes, public speaking skills training, interview skills, on-camera speaking skills and social media etiquette. 


We are an etiquette and media training school that offers etiquette classes with emphasis on social graces, dining formality and old-fashioned manners for today’s times and how to speak and present your message professionally.  


R U Ready School of Etiquette and Media Training has multiple curriculums for males and females ages five to adult and the skills will help you in all areas of your life.